About Mirage
- the home of Show-Winning Stainless Steel Engine Bays

The company (Pilgrim Fabrications) was established in 1993 after 17 years experience in sheet metal work; in the design and fabrication of stainless steel products.

Now after a further 20 years and hundreds of hours of our own development work, we are happy
to offer customers a choice of over 500 mirror-finished, stainless steel products from our ever-expanding range.

The ever-evolving team is lead by Martin Johnson, an enthusiast and perfectionist with an eye for design. Martin's vision for the company is to be nothing short of the best and we believe that's a goal we're living up to;

The Best Materials - we use only the very best materials (Type T304 Stainless Steel) to craft our pieces.

Stainless Perfection - we take the utmost time, care and attention in our production. Our mantra is to only send out a product once - because we know when we do it will fit like a glove and look great in place!

Customer Care - nothing is more important to us than our customers and we love going above-and-beyond to ensure you're 100% happy with the new parts for your pride & joy. This isn't a cold, emotionless online shop - give us a call and chat about your project with someone as passionate as you are.

Mirage is built solely on reputation. The success of the brand comes through personal recommendation not advertising, with many of our customers requesting the 'mirage' brand engraved into our products and wearing them as a badge of honour.

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